Hiroaki Samura: Love of the Brute

Posted by – August 6, 2005

3 Comments on Hiroaki Samura: Love of the Brute

  1. Neesie says:

    You know your artwork is successful when it invokes strong feelings within the audience. When looking at these pieces, I felt disgust and I felt in pain. I felt sorry for seeing these girls/women being put through torture. These feelings are all thanks to the artist’s amazing technical skill, of course. The decision to render this in a detailed manner causes the viewer to be more immersed in the pieces, considering the fact that it’s more realistic to what those events would look like had they actually happened. To me this series seems to be a statement on how damaging it is to put others through pain just for your own pleasure… Or maybe this is just someone’s fetish lmao.

    • ClimbOver says:

      Looking at these images makes me feel better, I find them very erotic, and it helps put into perspective that in the end we’re all only human… I also have underlying issues which could be helping.

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