Gilles Rimbault

Posted by – April 12, 2011

Plexus #6

This illustrator is 21 years old.

Plexus has discovered a great illustrator: Gilles Rimbault.
He is 21 years old and he’s currently attending military service.
After two years at the Charpentiere Academy he has stayed one year at “Arts Decoratifs”, but couldn’t bend to the discipline of his education.
His domain is in the dream, in the imagination.
He was 15 years old when the “fantastic realism” was born and the Planete collection has a place of honor in his, quite considerable, personal library.
Because he didn’t want to bend to external education, he has imposed to himself a discipline of culture and work that allowed him to find his own style while being still very young.
It has to be said that his family, still amazed by his personality and his vocation, has not at all tried to contradict him.
Gilles Rimbault can now pursue his research in the domain of the “erotisme fantastique” and give a universal resonance to his personal myths.

Plexus #17

The Will of imposing the Imaginary.

Plexus, in issue no. 6, has discovered a great illustrator.
After spending two years at the Charpentier academy and one year at Arts decoratifs, he attended military service and draws in his spare time: we have reproduced some of his admirable drawings that represent the ensemble of his ouvre.
This boy of 21 years old has a technique so perfect, an inspiration so personal and nonetheless great talent.
Planete, Borges, Mandiargue are numerous works of science fiction that belong to his library.
A deep passion for the fantastic realism discovered when he was 15 exalted his imagination.
Plus, he did a lot of work with both pen and pencil; he elegantly illustrated some short stories and already had two exhibitions: one in Beirut and another in Paris (Galerie 3+2, rue Visconti).
At the same time he has elaborated his projects and dreams.
His projects: a new exhibition in Paris in October, others in New York, Beirut, Geneve.
His dreams: to illustrate some of Mandriague’s short stories, create theater set designs, invent some extravagant jewelery and some eccentric garnments.
Which means introducing in the real world his personal universe, an imaginary universe nourished from sources of different literature: Lovecraft, Bradbury, etc., and from the fantastic art: Fuchs, Bellmer…
He defines his work more sensual than intellectual, like a variation on the body and on the costumes.
He pursues an endless search in the “erotisme fantastique”, he puts in contrast the purity of the faces to the sickly “bursting” of the bodies, the complexity of the details, of the ornaments and of the costumes and the simplicity of the lines.
He was birthed from these oppositions which know a violent sentiment of beauty, an impression of achieved perfection.

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