Xue Jiye

Posted by – October 9, 2009

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  1. Quite Interesting works. Very reminescent of old ancient renaissance works (in where the bodies are positioned, and your appeal for linear space)
    I’m an artist myself named, Gregory Thomas.
    Although your works seem quite sinister, and macabre, I also sense a general sadness behind your work. You must’ve been quite sad during the creation of some of these works, as the color orange in your paintings is generally associated with health, which could also be associated with ilness.
    However you use a lot of black in your works, and when the colors black and white are aligned together in an artwork, they invoke that the artist was feeling feelings of ‘dread’ sometimes fear, even.

    I’d love to analyze the one painting with the man peeling his face and screaming—You can usually use ‘dream symbolism’ often to analyze certain objects in a painting in order to crack the meaning behind its presence.
    Dream symbolism says that ‘peeling faces’ in a dream mean that the dreamer feels “dissatisfaction with yourself, your appearance and ardent desire to become someone else.” according to checkmydream.com

    With the red muscles, perhaps this rage leaves you quite angry? Also, the man is in his under, which in dream symbolism, it may mean that the dreamer may be embarrassed for issues, that might be too personal to talk about.
    I hope I got the meanings correctly. If not, I do apologize. They are very vivid depictions of anxiety, and the strains of humanity.

    I’d love to hear more about your artwork, as I do podcasts. Hopefully my message reaches you, I’d email you if I’m able, but let me know, as I’d love to do a podcast talking in depth of your work. Thank you.

    -Sincerely, Everybody’s Favorite Uncle, Gregory Thomas

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