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Robert Riggs

Images from the History of Medicine (IHM) 1
Images from the History of Medicine (IHM) 3

Fernand Desmoulin: Eugene Louis Doyen, International Medical Congress, Moscow, 1897.

Langlumé: “Album comique de pathologie pittoresque”, A. Colin.

Cancer Mélané

Hydropisie abdominale Valvile
Salvatore Tresca: “Nosologie naturelle; ou, Les maladies du corps humain distribuees par familles”, Jean-Louis-Marie Alibert.


Anatomical Figure, “Der Bau des menschlichen Korpers”, Johann Baptist von Franque.

Towarzystwo Zapobiegania Narkomanii

Behind the mask: “Syphilis; poëme en quatre chants”, Paris, 1851.

Two sisters suffering from trachoma.

Esther Bubley

Atlas of Human Anatomy and Physiology Engraved and printed by W. and A.K. Johnston.

Dental injection.

Jean Mohr

Blood transfusion from animal to human, Johann Sigismund Elsholtz.

The victims of Hunter’s Point (NY): how the foul odors aggravate the miseries of the sick room, Harper’s Weekly, v. 25, 1881.

Hunter’s Point (NY): witches brew up filthy air while an angry Lady New York watches, Harper’s Weekly, v. 25, 1881.

Alcoholism: The Drunkard’s Progress, drawn by W.L. Sheppard, Harper’s Weekly, v. 14, 1870.

Johann Ernst Neubauer: Anatomy of the neck, “Descriptio anatomica nervorum cardiacorum”, Frankfurt, 1772.

Endocrine disorders: Woman with exothalmic goiter, “Klinische abbildungen”, Berlin, 1894.

Comparative views of corseted and uncorseted females, “Über die wirkungen der Schnürbrüste”, Samuel Thomas von Soemmerring, Berlin, 1793.

A throat operation on an Indonesian victim of diphtheria, World Health Organization (WHO), photo by L. Matlovski.

Antoine Chazal: “Nouvelles demonstrations d’accouchemens”, Dr. Jacques Pierre Maygrier, Paris, 1822.

Orthopedic apparatus: Correction of deformities. Patient with rheumatoid spondylitis of the spine.

Subject: Dr. Charles Horace Mayo, from the National Portrait Gallery, 1968.

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